Energy, culture and society in the global South: a conference

This two-day international conference will bring together doctoral students and early-career scholars to discuss the different ways energy has been intertwined with economic, social, cultural and political developments and processes. The aim of the conference is to centre attention on energy as a key agent in modern and contemporary history, in contrast to its typical designation as an external subject of research exclusive to the Natural Sciences. Such a discussion is pertinent at this moment of global climate crisis, forcing us to critically analyse how energy systems are and have been imbricated in social, economic and political realities in order to understand how alternative, renewable forms of energy might be utilised in future. Yet the conference also aims to address the significance of historically uneven development in determining the different ways energy is used and conceptualised around the world; as the negotiations of the 2016 Paris climate accord highlighted, plans for energy transition must also engage with calls for energy justice. Therefore, this conference will focus on cultures, politics and the social life of energy in the Global South, drawing attention to the particular connections here between energy, colonialism and the post-colonial state.