About us

Damilola Adebayo

Damilola is a PhD candidate at the Faculty of History, University of Cambridge. His doctoral research investigates the complex history of the production and use of electricity in Nigeria from the 1890s to the 1970s. Damilola has a BA degree in History from the University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria, and an MA in International History from the Graduate Institute, Geneva, Switzerland.

Mattin Biglari

Mattin is a PhD student in the department of history at SOAS, University of London. His thesis is a social history of the Iranian oil industry, especially focusing on labour, expertise and knowledge production. His main research interests include the energy humanities, infrastructural history, global labour history, as well as the social and cultural history of modern Iran. He has also previously written about poverty and banditry in late Qajar Iran as well as U.S. foreign policy concerning Shi’ism and the Iranian revolution.

Rihab Khalid

Rihab is a PhD researcher at the Department of Architecture,  University of Cambridge as a Cambridge Trust Scholar. Her research  interests are in energy efficiency and demand reduction in buildings  using socio-technical approaches to sustainability transitions. Her  recent publications focus on middle-class household spaces and social  practices of energy-use in Pakistan.

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Noura Wahby

Noura is a PhD researcher at the Centre of Development Studies,  the University of Cambridge. Her research focuses on urban theories,  infrastructure and contention. She has co-convened the Cambridge  Urbanism in the Global South working group, and has written on  experiences of informal governance, infrastructure in Cairo, and the  state.

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Aditya Ramesh

Aditya has just submitted his PhD at SOAS, University of London, which examined rivers, experts and the economic life in colonial and postcolonial India. He is interested in writing environmental histories of the present, the geographies of natural resource exploitation and increasingly the intersection between urbanization and the environment. In 2019 Aditya will be a postdoctoral fellow based out of Bengaluru, India and Oxford, UK, as part of a Global Challenge Research Fund grant looking to make cities in the global south sustainable.